Opponent decision
please make your decision
Player balance:
This is a game about decisions. First of all, you choose amount you wish to play with, it is called "Entry fee". You can not loose more then chosen amount. Your opponent pays it as well. Then some extra bonus is added to pool from bonus fund, it can be as high as x100, if you are lucky. Then you must choose, whether you want to be GOOD, NEUTRAL or EVIL. Based on combination of your and your opponnent's decisions you will receive reward or loose your money. Administrator takes and burn a small fee from "lost" money. But lost money does not disappear in vain, they are moved to bonus fund, and will be redistributed back to players.

Being GOOD means that you benefit from partnerships, you always collect bonus funds and receive profits together with GOOD and NEUTRAL opponents, but EVIL opponents will take all your money.
NEUTRAL decision benefits from interacting with GOOD opponents, just not as much as them and punishes EVIL opponents, taking their entry fees. But if your opponent is NEUTRAL as well, you will both loose most part of your entry fees.
EVIL doesn't like anyone. They lose everything agains NEUTRAL and EVIL opponents, but when they meet GOOD one, they are extremely happy to take everything from them.

This is a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) version of game, where your opponent is simulated by pseudo-random choices and nothing is saved on servers. You can always refresh the page and start from scratch.
There is a lot to be added - some story, better statistics on opponents, some fancy graphics, but even this core math model can be fun to play around for a while. Try to beat your opponent, figure out the best strategy and profit from other not so smart players. Chatroom will add a lot of entertainment as well, discussing your future decisions with opponents, trying to make them do what you need is priceless.